It's an old expression, but still true today: "No Bucks... no Buck Rogers."

The Stellar Electric Propulsion ("StEP") Project now operates under the corporate umbrella of Vector Space Lines, Inc. ("V.S.L.")

Thanks to funds supplied by V.S.L. Visionaries, we are well on our way toward building a better future for all of Humanity.

Mission #1 for V.S.L.: Tackle the large and growing problem of orbital debris (a.k.a. "Space Junk").

Our Visionaries are individuals who recognize the problem of orbital debris, they want something done about it, and they believe the technology of Vector Space Lines can get the job done.

One of the ways in which we show our gratitude to these great folks is by acknowledging them on this page.

Academic Level

Palladium Level

RHK1, Jefferson Hills, PA GMK1, West Indies, VI ASB1, Philadelphia, PA ELB1, Birmingham, AL

ZLK1, Philadelphia, PA RHK2, Jefferson Hills, PA ASB2, Philadelphia, PA ALJ1, Clairton, PA


IMW1, N/A BLW1, N/A MLW1, N/A DEB1, Atco, NJ

Platinum Level

CH1, Australia LLH1, CA

Gold Level

Kevin Reed

Silver Level


Bronze Level

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